09 January 2011

Tags: asm bytecode idea intellij

An ASM bytecode outline plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

Today, I’ve just submitted a new plugin which integrates ASM bytecode views into IntelliJ IDEA : it’s a bytecode outline plugin similar to the one provided for Eclipse. It was really a pain for me to work with Eclipse, so I eventually decided to write my own plugin for my favorite IDE. It’s in early stages, but it just suits my needs right now.

I have released it under an Apache 2 license, so there’s no problem for you to contribute if you want to improve it. By the way, this is also a test for me, since source code is available at GitHut and that I’m not really familiar with Git concepts.

Until the release is available from Jetbrain’s plugin manager, you may download the first release here.


I’ve uploaded a new version (0.2) which solves a problem under Windows, and doesn’t force compile when not necessary.

Here are a couple of screenshots :




It’s fairly easy : just right click on the editor, and choose ``Bytecode Outline''. Your class will be compiled, and the bytecode will be shown in the tool window on the right. Note that I plan not to compile the class if the binary is up to date, but I’m facing a strange bug in IntelliJ right now when I do so.