22 January 2014

Tags: detection europarl java jlangdetect language nlp github

A new era

Back in 2011, I initiated a project called JLangDetect, a language detection library for the JVM. At that time, I was working for a company that made NLP tools and I started this as a pet project on my free time. I made it available as open source software and people started to use it, so I was pretty happy at that time to see a project I initiated being actually used in production!

While I don’t have the need for such a library now that I work on the Groovy language, some people are still using it. At the first place, a friend of mine, Freddy Rabiller, took time to upgrade it. A new version has been released (0.4) and the project is now available on GitHub.

A big thank to Freddy, who will probably take the lead of development on this project now!