21 November 2013

Tags: blog asciidoctor jbake

Goodbye JRoller, welcome GitHub! Eventually, I migrated my blog to GitHub pages. It is a now a statically generated website. What is interesting here is how I migrated contents from my old blog. I used a Groovy script which downloaded the old pages, converted them into Asciidoctor format so that they can be statically processed by JBake.

Should you need something similar, I pushed this little toy here: https://github.com/melix/jroller-export

Now the export is quite raw, there are probably minor rendering issues to fix, or broken links, and I still have to integrate:

  • twitter/google+ share buttons

  • comments

But this is another story!

Last but not least, this blog is also published on GitHub and all posts are published under Creative Commons by-nb-sa.